What We Offer

STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS WEST offers complete low cost solutions for interconnecting individuals, offices and networks via the latest in high speed digital transmission systems and equipment. As a full service manufactures representative and Network/System Integrator, SSW can provide nationwide turn key solutions and service for LAN/WAN internetworking, remote access, internet access, telecommuting, and test equipment. As an Authorized Sales Representative for Pacific Bell, AT&T and Sprint, SSW provides extensive WAN services plus the experience for integrating LAN and WAN networks. SSW is also an Authorized Sale Agent for Pacific Bell Internet Services and Internex Communications Services offering a broad range of internet access services and speeds. These services include SMTP & POP mail services, web page hosting, web page server farms and domain name registration.

Our Main Products and Services Include:

  • Interconnect Products And Services

Telecommuting, Office to Office Interconnect, Internet Access and Digital Pre-Press using such services as ISDN, XDSL, Frame Relay, and T1 Services

  • LAN Products

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Hubs & Switches, Stackable, Manageable Hubs, Work Group Hubs, Personal Hubs, Stackable Work Group Hubs, Local Bridges, Work Group Bridges, Mixed Media Converters & Concentrators, Repeaters, Transceivers

  • LAN/WAN Test Equipment

LAN Cable Testers, LAN Analyzers, Data Link Analyzers, Data Link Simulators, ISDN Central Office Simulators, Protocol Analyzers and LAN Interface and Controller Systems.

  • Web Page Design

SSW offers complete support for home page design and implementation.

  • Design, Technical Customer Support

SSW’s technical staff provides complete LAN /WAN network designs and consulting services. SSW is proud of their commitment to the customer for technical support for all products and systems. We take complete system responsibiltiy for all elements of the network we sell to you.