Optimizing Swap File Performance

If your system has multiple hard drives moving the swap file to your fastest drive can improve its performance. Be very careful when changing virtual memory settings in Windows. You probably don’t want to try this if you’re just starting out.

For those of you who are more experienced follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel choose System, then System Properties.
2. Click on the Performance tab, and from the Advanced Settings option, select Virtual Memory.
3. Select Let me specify my own virtual memory settings. You can then choose the new disk from the list in the Hard Disk box.
4. Select a Minimum swap file size equal to about 2.5 to 3 * Installed RAM. Leave that Maximum alone.
5. You’ll need to restart Windows before the new settings will take effect.

Note: If you have Norton Utilities for Windows you can setup Speedisk to place the swap file as the first file on the drive. This will help decrease the access times quit a bit.