Electric Cars on the Way

Advocates of electric vehicles like say the switch on an electric car was not a problem, since most trips are short anyway. In a field trial, researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) want to find out whether craftsmen and taxi drivers in the Bavarian capital actually easily to electric drive to switch.

To make this not about electric cars available, but convert their internal combustion vehicles to virtual electric cars: 130 taxis and commercial vehicles get a Smartphone that is to simulate the operation of an electric car.

Simulated and real electric car

On the road, the device collects data: it captured the position and driving behavior – so when accelerating, braking or directed. These data are then converted on a virtual electric car: the Smartphone displays the power consumption would be and how it would affect the charge level of the battery. However Munich not only simulates: the data will be also checked on a real electric car.

It is the first time that such a simulation will be carried out, explain the initiators of the project from the Department of automotive engineering of the TUM. “For many taxi and business will probably be a part of electrification of the vehicle fleet, it is not only technically possible, but today it shows economic and ecological advantages,” says an engineer.

Locations for new charging stations

The researchers want to with the project “Virtual electric mobility in the taxi and commercial traffic Munich” (VEM) find out how the routes, taxis and commercial vehicles daily travel, with electric cars can cope with. The aim of the project will be therefore to identify sites for new charging stations.

Currently, the last vehicles are equipped with Smartphones. You will be able to browse through websites if you have a mobile friendly web host. There is a good compilation hereĀ hereĀ about mobile friendly web hosts. The simulations begin early next year.