What is the iPage Essential Plan?

Thinking about signing up for hosting with iPage?  iPage is a very popular provider, renowned for offering great customers service, tons of excellent features, and a lot of cool bonuses and freebies to customers.  While iPage offers a number of different web hosting plans, odds are the one you have heard the most about is the “Essential” plan.  What is the Essential Plan, and is it right for you?

The Essential Plan is iPage’s most popular plan.  Basically, if in doubt, this is the plan you probably are looking for.  Unless you have specialized needs calling for VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, or dedicated hosting, the Essential Plan is what will serve you best.

The Essential Plan costs just $1.99 per month to start out, and you get to lock in that low price for three straight years.  This is awesome for a couple of reasons.  First, a lot of companies will charge you substantially more than $1.99 to start with.  Second, price raising is pretty much ubiquitous with hosting plans across the board, but a lot of companies do it after just a year.  The fact that iPage lets you lock in the introductory rate for three solid years is just awesome.

The Essential Plan features include:

  • A high-quality site designer with an abundance of features (so many features that some novice web designers actually find them a bit overwhelming).  The interface is built for ease-of-use, so even though there are a ton of menus and options, once you get used to it and learn your way around, you should have an easy time getting started with your site.  You do not need HTML knowledge.  It is a simple point-and-click interface.  Modern-looking templates and themes make for a great-looking website right from the start.
  • Add apps quickly and easily to your site, including photo galleries, blogging software, and more.
  • You get a free customizable email address at your own domain.  You can check it anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Shopping cart software, catalogs, and coupon integration are all included, and you can up your online store to accept PayPal payments.  This is quite an excellent feature to have at such a basic price point!  Many web hosts will only give you online selling tools if you pay a higher rate.  This is such a better value!
  • The server environment is pooled, so there is always a server that is able to access your site files when a request is made.  That means that iPage Essential Plans offer excellent reliability.  You do not need to worry about downtime or slow response times.
  • Tons of free stuff is included in the Essential Plan.  You sign up and you get a free domain, a GB of free storage from Just Cloud, SiteLock Enhanced Security Software, and free advertising credits from Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Customer support is available via telephone or live chat 24/7.

If you read an iPage.com review for the Essential Plan, you’ll see that customers are very happy with the service that the company provides.  Are there any complaints?  If anything, reviewers tend to state that the only real drawback with the hosting is the learning curve.  Basically there is so much given to you at the super low price of $1.99 per month that you may have a hard time learning the ropes.  And it is hard to complain about a company providing too much!

So if a great bang for you buck is what you are looking for, iPage’s Essential Plan is an excellent choice.  Check out detailed iPage reviews to learn more!

Optimizing Swap File Performance

If your system has multiple hard drives moving the swap file to your fastest drive can improve its performance. Be very careful when changing virtual memory settings in Windows. You probably don’t want to try this if you’re just starting out.

For those of you who are more experienced follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel choose System, then System Properties.
2. Click on the Performance tab, and from the Advanced Settings option, select Virtual Memory.
3. Select Let me specify my own virtual memory settings. You can then choose the new disk from the list in the Hard Disk box.
4. Select a Minimum swap file size equal to about 2.5 to 3 * Installed RAM. Leave that Maximum alone.
5. You’ll need to restart Windows before the new settings will take effect.

Note: If you have Norton Utilities for Windows you can setup Speedisk to place the swap file as the first file on the drive. This will help decrease the access times quit a bit.

PHP Custom Error Handling

PHP has many built in error reporting levels, sometimes it is better to use these when your application fails on a fundamental level, specifically E_USER_ERROR.

Sometimes instead of handling fatal errors where they happen, I find bailing out into a global error handler more efficient. For instance take this concept example:

// This could be a failed

MySQL update or whatever

if (‘foo’ == ‘foo’) {

die(‘foo really shouldn’t equal foo’);


// This could be displaying the failed update

echo ‘this doesn’t work if foo != foo’;

Ok, so far so good, it may be poor man’s error handling, but at least it gets the job done. The user will never see the echo of the string that relies on foo!=foo, or the “failed update”.

It’s a hassle to continually code die() error messages, especially if you want to render the errors with pretty HTML; and there are clear benefits as to why you should do this:

  • Errors fit into the rest of your site, users get worried when look ‘n feel drastically changes, i.e. from nice CSS layout, to black and white critical mass of text.
  • It makes the site look more professional, and less buggy. You could even dress the error up to the point where it doesn’t look like one anymore. How about instead of “Error 404″, you could build:

I am sorry, but the page you were looking for has been moved. Here is a list of search results applying to the page you wanted:
Use the search box below if you want to continue searching.

  • You can create descriptive errors; instead of “Connection to MySQL Failed”, and a collective wtf from the users, you could change it to “I am sorry but an unforeseen error has prevented the information you requested from being retrieved from our database, please email the admin–etc.”
  • Custom error messages hide your code from being displayed, which could potentially leave you vulnerable.

Consider Digital-to-Analogue Converters Harmful

I have just finished my first whitepaper on a topic that I think every person who uses computers, the internet in particular, should be concerned about. This includes the average user who just goes onto the internet to check their mail, or just to chat with friends. On the realisation that the modulation demodulation of data, and not just internet data at that, was harmful I decided to write a brand new heuristic algorithm– “Snying”, to combat the seemingling carelessness nature of Digital to Analogue converters.

Snying runs on patched standard software. All software was hand hex-editted using GCC 0.7.3, Service Pack 3 built on the American toolkit for rovably improving optical drive speed.

Many cyberneticists would agree that, had it not been for Moore’s Law, the visualization of hierarchical databases might never have occurred [16]. In fact, few biologists would disagree with the development of IPv4.

From my studies I have concluded that I am talking BS The PDF was automatically generated by a program that some MIT students, fed up with computer jargon, created to bluff their way into a computing conference. Read the full article by CNN. You can also generate your own BS by visiting the online generator. The funny (or not so funny) thing is that they actually managed to get one of their papers accepted into the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. With a name as long as that, they’re asking for it anyway.


How Did Google Create Analytics?

Google have absorbed another web industry; that of sophisticated web analysis software. As detailed in their press release they acquired Urchin and opened up their analysis software for free under the name of “Google Analytics”.

While it has been integrated into their AdWords service, you can also track your other keywords too:

Do you buy keywords on search engines other than Google? If you do, Google Analytics tracks them – all of your keywords, on every search engine. For both paid search and unpaid search.

You can use your Google Mail account to login to the service, or you can register immediately for a Analytics account. Once you copy and paste some Javascript into the header of your templates – you do use templates, don’t you? – it takes around 12 hours for the stats to get up and running, and an hour for subsequent statistics to be added.

Electric Cars on the Way

Advocates of electric vehicles like say the switch on an electric car was not a problem, since most trips are short anyway. In a field trial, researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) want to find out whether craftsmen and taxi drivers in the Bavarian capital actually easily to electric drive to switch.

To make this not about electric cars available, but convert their internal combustion vehicles to virtual electric cars: 130 taxis and commercial vehicles get a Smartphone that is to simulate the operation of an electric car.

Simulated and real electric car

On the road, the device collects data: it captured the position and driving behavior – so when accelerating, braking or directed. These data are then converted on a virtual electric car: the Smartphone displays the power consumption would be and how it would affect the charge level of the battery. However Munich not only simulates: the data will be also checked on a real electric car.

It is the first time that such a simulation will be carried out, explain the initiators of the project from the Department of automotive engineering of the TUM. “For many taxi and business will probably be a part of electrification of the vehicle fleet, it is not only technically possible, but today it shows economic and ecological advantages,” says an engineer.

Locations for new charging stations

The researchers want to with the project “Virtual electric mobility in the taxi and commercial traffic Munich” (VEM) find out how the routes, taxis and commercial vehicles daily travel, with electric cars can cope with. The aim of the project will be therefore to identify sites for new charging stations.

Currently, the last vehicles are equipped with Smartphones. You will be able to browse through websites if you have a mobile friendly web host. There is a good compilation here here about mobile friendly web hosts. The simulations begin early next year.

What We Offer

STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS WEST offers complete low cost solutions for interconnecting individuals, offices and networks via the latest in high speed digital transmission systems and equipment. As a full service manufactures representative and Network/System Integrator, SSW can provide nationwide turn key solutions and service for LAN/WAN internetworking, remote access, internet access, telecommuting, and test equipment. As an Authorized Sales Representative for Pacific Bell, AT&T and Sprint, SSW provides extensive WAN services plus the experience for integrating LAN and WAN networks. SSW is also an Authorized Sale Agent for Pacific Bell Internet Services and Internex Communications Services offering a broad range of internet access services and speeds. These services include SMTP & POP mail services, web page hosting, web page server farms and domain name registration.

Our Main Products and Services Include:

  • Interconnect Products And Services

Telecommuting, Office to Office Interconnect, Internet Access and Digital Pre-Press using such services as ISDN, XDSL, Frame Relay, and T1 Services

  • LAN Products

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Hubs & Switches, Stackable, Manageable Hubs, Work Group Hubs, Personal Hubs, Stackable Work Group Hubs, Local Bridges, Work Group Bridges, Mixed Media Converters & Concentrators, Repeaters, Transceivers

  • LAN/WAN Test Equipment

LAN Cable Testers, LAN Analyzers, Data Link Analyzers, Data Link Simulators, ISDN Central Office Simulators, Protocol Analyzers and LAN Interface and Controller Systems.

  • Web Page Design

SSW offers complete support for home page design and implementation.

  • Design, Technical Customer Support

SSW’s technical staff provides complete LAN /WAN network designs and consulting services. SSW is proud of their commitment to the customer for technical support for all products and systems. We take complete system responsibiltiy for all elements of the network we sell to you.